ArcheAge – Another World

I got a very interesting comment from Gaming Backlog the other day: Comment  What I immediately realised was that it was ArcheAge he was describing. Or a virtual world very similar to ArcheAge. I have been complaining about AA being grindy and hopeless to keep up with gear, and thats true. But its a lot more to this game… As it is a sandbox you can play it the way you want.
A friend planted roses outside my house <3 As its a sandbox u can do things like this :)

You dont have to grind that much. If your friends are on a similar level of mind you can play your own game in the game so to speak. Its your choise. I feel a bit stupid but I guess we get blind if we are too close to something and i have been playing a lot with a person who was very much an achiever and hardcore so I sort of got affected by that in a negative way. As im not much of an achiever myself, more a socializer and explorer I started to feel drained in game. When i came back this time and met friends on a similar level of mind as myself, the game was suddenly fun again :`)
In AA you can work to get money. I grow crops to cook food for example:
Then I and my friends pack the stuff and drive to the market to sell it or auction house:
If i water the crops they grow faster:
I get wool from my goats (or sheeps if  u prefer that kind of wool) so i can make fabric and then craft armor and clothes from it. The crafting are very much in deep and varied.
I milk my cows and sell the milk then i get fertilizer from them so I can use it on my hauler (eco fuel! ;)
As ArcheAge is a sandbox its not written in stone how to progress your endgame. After the questing you have to decide your own path. ArcheAge is a pvp game everyone knows that. But a lot of ppl never do pvp, they only farm, explore by boat or mount, craft and socialize.

3ZadI think ArcheAge needs more love actually. It has been known as a hardcore pvp game and there are epic seabattles and pvp in the game, but its so much more. As the game is free to play its easy for friends who dont play that often just to pop in now and then without cost. There are guilds in game where people focus mostly on just farming and crafting. Its a virtual world where you can just relax and have fun, not only kill people :):) U can kill some mobs, do dungeons, pvp, farm or whatever you feel like together with a group of similar minded friends. Its up to you.

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  1. remenei says:

    Ain’t that the truth.

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