The Chosen One

So I finally decided who to be my main character in ESO and the choise fell upon my Templar in Daggerfall Covenant as that is my guilds home alliance. It was also the one I think I would have chosed anyhow… She is mostly built as a healer and support but she can do enough damage to quest solo without problems. She is now level 40.
But my high elf sorceress (lvl 45) is still thriving in Aldmeri Dominion. She will continue leveling and she joined a small guild the other day. A sort of offspring from my main guild ^^ So she will be well taken care of im sure :):)


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7 Responses to The Chosen One

  1. melbrankin says:

    I really liked the sorcerer tank I had made earlier and the druid nightblade – i wonder how viable any odd builds are later game tho, but then again, when do I ever get to the late game these days

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