Imperial City – my first impression

The guild was going to raid in Imperial City this friday so I joined them of course. It was my first time in Imperial City so It was all very confusing:):) The guild took care of me and helped me find my way when i got lost too <3 I guess i made a mess of myself but I had tons of fun!
Imperial City Swedish Legion_20150925_202950
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This guild cracks me up all the time! Totally silly, running around like headless chickens from time to time, giggling but with a lot of damage so both mobs and other alliances just fell down dead around us. We didnt die much either. Only when we met a hard core pvp guild pumped up with champion points did we meet our destiny :`)
Imperial City Swedish Legion2_20150925_202924
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I will for sure join the guild in similar activities next time! Imperial City (last DLC game pack in ESO) was a bit confusing and very hard to navigate in for a newbie like me. But beautyful and very exciting with this mix of random mobs and difficult bosses roaming the streets. And on top of that, our enemy alliances and their assasins lurking around in the shadows. So it was safest to stay with the pack, thats for sure…. Especially if you are low level. You can join the fun as soon as you are level 10, but as i say, safest to stay in the pack at that level :)

Guild: Swedish Legion


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