The Swedish Legion in Cyrodiil

Recently my friend and I have been spending more time in Cyrodiil, the pvp area in ESO. There are a lot of shards to hunt down and some delves too. We have been running around randomly helping ppl out at forts but its a lot more efficient to join a group.

Easiest way to join is to ask in zone chat. The other way is to belong to a guild. I actually joined a guild the other day, Swedish Legion (who focuses a lot on Elder Scrolls Online) and played with some of them in a mixed group for a while in Cyrodiil with guildie Lynanore as group leader.
(click to see larger picture)
So far they have been very nice and welcoming <3 I do need to practise my Templar healing and hope to get more opportunities to do that now. Im still not sure which abilities and armor to use in pvp areas… Maybee I need at least 2 pieces heavy armor(?)

I will continute play with my other friend of course, though we seldom use voice chat.  Its a lot easier to be able to use TS while playing so I look forward to do that with my guild. And  to help each other out when it comes to content like Craglorn…. and pvp grouping. And just having FUN! :D
(Click to enlargen the pic)
I do love the Cyrodiil zone, its beautyful! The theme is Scandinavian with some snowy areas. I wonder if it will be possible to get housing in Cyrodiil when they launch that ability? How exciting :D

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