ArcheAge – Dead or Alive?

2Crowns_sep15107When i read a blog the other day from a bloggie friend who has just started leveling in ArcheAge – Ramblings – i got a bit nostalgic. I still have a sub (since closed beta last year!) and i still have my Thatched Farm (pic above, click for larger) in 2 Crowns in ArcheAge. But I havent played the game in months…. They have merged the servers so the population seems more healthy now. But I seriously cant predict the future of the game. Maybee its “too Korean” for us westerners?

I dont belong to any guild atm and I have very few friends left in game so It feels hard to start over again. And a lot of new stuff after patch 2.0, i get exhausted just thinking of it.

When i stopped playing this summer I felt it was impossible to keep up if you didnt play hard core or payed a lot of money. Casual players have no place in ArcheAge after the first 50 levels. Then u have to go hardcore to be able to keep up(?)
After 2.0 patch i got my griffin mount. It´s nice to have a flying mount, tnx Trion <3

The pictures here are bad cos i uninstalled the game on my main computer and it only runs on an old computer nowadays… So should I sell the farm and quit permanently or should I give it another chance? Or is the game dead?

I cant choose as usual >.<


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4 Responses to ArcheAge – Dead or Alive?

  1. Jaedia says:

    Do you enjoy playing? If the answer is no, unsub. If yes, do you enjoy playing more than you enjoy playing other games? If the answer is no, unsub. If yes, then stick around. :)

    This is how I work out what to play.

  2. I’d say give it a chance again if you’re already subbed. Make the time to give it a few hours to help you make a decision. If you really can’t bring yourself to try playing it again in the next few weeks, then I’d probably say unsub. :)

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