I Cant Choose

I cant choose which character to persue in ESO, my sorceress, dps and healer/support, now lvl 45, in the Dominion;

Or my Templar (magicka dps/support, but mostly healer), lvl 34, in the Covenant:

This drives me mad! I have tried to make a decision for a long time now but havent come any closer. It takes a lot of time and energy not being able to decide. Or am I over thinking it? I would like to decide 1 of them as my main but it seems impossible D:

Have any of you ever been in this situation? I took for granted that I would be able to choose after a while but it seems hopeless :S Any ideas how to think here? I like the Daggerfall Covenant storyline a lot more. And i LOVE count Verandis Ravenwatch….. *_*

But both are fun to play though the difference between them makes me confused sometimes when i switch between. I would like to make one of them my main crafter instead. But who? o.o

I prefer playing in the Covenant due to the storyline but eventually I will do all zones so it wouldnt matter in the long run i guess. Its more the playstyle I have to focus on. But BOTH ARE SO MUCH FUN?! D:


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4 Responses to I Cant Choose

  1. Duke of O says:

    Your Redguard looks awesome! Very Egyptian.

  2. coppertopper says:

    Yes this drives me mad too. Between the Templar and Dragon KNight for me. I found finally that choosing a specific role for each one makes the choice easier. The DK is tank spec’d with bow as secondary, and the Templar is a healer/2H meleer. SO depending on the mood, I know exactly which one to log in. ALso, avoiding side quests and just doing story/guild quests has made it easier switching between characters, because I won’t have a huge pile of unfinished quests waiting for me – just 2-3 questlines to catch up on for each. Enjoying the game immensly though!

    • Xannziee says:

      That sounds like a good strategy:) I just wish I could settle on 1! It would be easier if i had more friends or a guild in 1 specific alliance, but they are spread out… tho maybee DC wins in this aspect…
      DK seems a lot of fun! Especially in pvp…

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