Real Life Vampires?

I was reading a brilliant posting about Vampires in Rivenspire the other day. At the same time i planned to publish about Rivenspire zone in ESO but I had no time so I had to postpone it. Anyho he had his own view about depression and vampires as mobs in game and in reality. I think he meant (im not entirely sure but it was my interpretation) that vampires exists in real life too. Not as hands on blood sucking creatures, more like devious energy sucking persons.
0Rivenspire_20150912_222426Count Verandis is a good vampire in Rivenspire and he will aid you along your questing in that zone. He is a really nice guy and I will miss him a lot when im finished questing. My VH (virtual husband) was a vampire but managed to cure himself after some bashing ;) So now he got his suntan back. Tho I have 1 more vampire friend and im waiting impatiently for that handsome man to log in. He hasnt decided if he is good or bad tho….  :S

In Elderscrolls Online there are both good and bad vampires. I guess its the same as in the real world. A person can be depressed and send bad vibes to people now and then but also send a lot of good vibes too. And never try to hurt people deliberately. Then there is the other kind….

Real life vampires who drains us with their negativism and tries to get us into their own black reality. Iv known one or two of them. Problem is they often succeed. Im still fighting one of them, or rather the remains of that persons “work”. But I think im beginning to see the light in the tunnel now. That means I “won” this game I guess? But not without losses. Still, the loss could have been worse and im lucky to get out in time… I hope.

And dont think i mean that people who are depressed are sucking energy from others. Depression has nothing to do with it. Some of the nicest and warmest people I have known has had a severe depressions. But they never abandoned their friends and was always present. Seeking our support. They gave energy, despite their unfortunate condition. I said gave, because the one who was closest to me ended his own life the summer of 2014. Even though we did everything in our power to keep him up.

And even though he seemed so “nice and happy” easy going a lot of times and shared his black thoughts with us. He did it anyway. Never let it go that far, because that way you will punish the people who loves you til the end of time. There is always a solution even it you dont believe it. He was an angel even though he did it wrong in the end.

So its how you treat other people that make you a “vampire” or not. A person who, depressed or not, treat their friends and family bad or ignores them is an example of an RL vampire in my world. They have sucked the living daylight out of you before you even know it.

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn”.

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6 Responses to Real Life Vampires?

  1. Missy says:

    There is definetly vampires in the real world, sucking on your energy, kindness and for some their naivety. When I accepted that I was depressed, I had to remove some of these people in my life, because I had some of those around, making things even worse for me. Some do this to keep them selves happy, to not feel and see their own shit. Best thing to do when having vampire in your live is to cut them out. Best thing for me anyways.

  2. Rowan says:

    May we all shed the vampires in our lives, both human and otherwise). /hugs

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