Sloshed in Bonesnap Ruins

0Bonesnap Ruins_20150908_205923
We went on an adventure the other day, virtual husband (VH) and myself. So we ended up in a dungeon ofcourse. Just the 2 of us ^^ Anyho i had a really BAD day at work and was exhausted when i got home so I crashed in the sofa and after 2 smaller glasses of wine (NOT a habit!) I logged in to ESO and was obviously pretty sloshed when we entered that dungeon. It was Bonesnap Ruins in Daggerfall Covenant.
We died… and i felt omg I cant heal when im sloshed im too slow D: But we couldnt leave VH said(?) or was that some kind of  stratagem?

and we died… omg it was a lot of bosses and at one point we had 2 bosses simultaneously. I thought it was a bit hard for a public dungeon and it was  …. a real dungeon  and we were only 2 @_@ But VH is high lvl so ….

…. finally, after I had some coffee, we DID IT! :D:D2chat_20150908_205923

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