My Private Mess

One of my closest virtual friends got tired of me the other day and I understand why. I have been quite off balance for a while and done some stupid things in both real and virtual life. So Im tired of myself too and I would also leave myself if i could.

Anyho this really made me think and I realised its time i do something radical about my situation. I cant just sit here being gloomy as iv been the last 2 months. This shook me up quite a bit as this was a friend i was hoping to keep for eternity and now is lost due to my stupidity :´( I will try to make some good come out of this situation though…

I cant have this darkness in my life anymore. So i lost my bf, I just have to deal with it and some day maybee I get a new bf. Or not. Whatever. In the mean time I will try to take care of myself and my friends and NOT upset them like this again. I Will NOT put my friends through more strain due to my private mess.

A thousand flowers to you who have listened to my whining. U helped me a lot and im sorry for being such a fool. I was so off balance I coulndt think straight and I shouldnt have put that burden on you.

I may not blog that often tho, time will tell, as im still very tired. But the blog is also a way for me to ventilate a bit. (Sorry again, but at least im not forcing you to read this:)
Recently things has happened in my virtual life too as one of my colleagues who felt sorry for me (yes Im ashamed for being such a whiner irl too) and bought me Final Fantasy XIV just to put a smile on my face. (Yes he has a gf he is really in love with so he is NOT grooming me. He is tired of me being emo ofc but main reason is that he is just a lovely and caring man).
And when i started playing it yesterday i met some old blog friends who invited me to their guild so Im pampered in my virtual life too:
Belghast: Tales of the Aggronaut and Murf: Murf Versus

Maybee its good to play a totally different game with no memories attached to it for a while. It will be exciting. I have only played it for a day but so far i like it. And most important is, as usual, friends and guild. Though i will continue play ESO too as that is my all time favourite game <3

So dont feel sorry for me next time we meet and shoot me if im whining!

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6 Responses to My Private Mess

  1. Izlain says:

    I have been told I’m a good listener if you ever need a new set of ears. Chin up!

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank you *huggs* I will. I will have to deal with this myself though…. But if any of my friends need me u know where to find me. Its time 4 me to listen to you now. U have done more than enough <3

  2. Missy says:

    Im in bels fc too :) I think you should try and keep on blogging, seems like you need it! You need to vent! Anyways, things will get better, hang in there! Might be hard to see now but things will brighten up.

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