A slow Healer with a Sun Tan

So I created a Templar again, and this time in The Daggerfall Covenant. A Breton lady this time. I recently gave up my High Elf templar in the Dominion because i messed up her build as it was my first char after more than 1 year break. I only played for 2 weeks at launch so I was very inexperienced when I started the game again.

I seem to always want to be able to do some healing, not only damage. Its my thing i guess. Yesterday for example I saw a man at a distance, while i was running that direction. He was almost dead. He had less than 1 mm life left in his bar, fighting a mob. I closed in on him and threw a healing at him so his bar filled up. Then I killed his mob, everything without losing speed, still running. I can do this with my sorceress too but with her I need to wear a healing staff to heal. With my Templar I can heal without staff too.

It just feels good to be able to save someone now and then i guess. As I have been a healer in both Rift and ArcheAge before this, I sort of automatically monitor ppls life. Tho i still need a lot of healing practise in ESO…  >.>

I still have some difficulties in deciding what to slot and what to prioritize in my templar build. Templar is a role you can do everything with sort of so its really hard to decide. Melee or ranged? Magicka or stamina? Which abilities to slot? OMG! Iv googled for builds but they make me even more confused. I guess ill go for magicka and mostly ranged as I need that for healing…

I dont have many ties in the dominion either, havent found a guild yet, so im free to change alliance. But I think i will level my chars in both alliances, tho in the long run maybee one of them might be my main and the other more of a crafter. Time will tell :)
DC is an exciting place, full of vampires D: One of them got hold of me but I didnt wanna lose my sun tan so I managed to flee. Who wants to end up with a pale face like that? And those sceery Eyes? o.O Cant be worth the passives and extra abilities, can it? I mean some ppl pay thousands of gold for a vampire to chew on them. Thats just mad! :P

So when my templar got hit on by a Lizard, about the same level, she decided to try to level with him. But my oh my! Lady templar was so slow so Mr Eddie Lizzard got impatient. She ran around trying to disarm traps and rescuing a family in Glenumbra while Mr Lizzard complained that it took ages. “you are really slow!” he said :`(
I know im not fast, especially when I discover a new place first time. Stress leveling (ok speed leveling;) is not what im good at :S And this was the first time I visited Glenumbra.

I think maybee I should be better off leveling alone and when i reach veteran levels maybee its time to group with others but not until then? Tho I like company too…. :S I have trouble concentrating on questing so I often wander off, exploring. And i easily get distracted if i chat with someone and lose speed cos of that too. So im actually a lot more focused when im on my own :)

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6 Responses to A slow Healer with a Sun Tan

  1. eldaeriel says:

    oh… yes questing alone is definitely better – even with friends you never go at the same pace through dialogue, someone always gets lost and someone rushes ahead and you can’t keep up, someone else forgets to update the quest so you have to backtrack… :D

    delves / public dungeons / world bosses etc – definitely team up with someone for those! that’s a lot of fun in a duo / small group :)

  2. welshtroll says:

    Unless you have a dedicated team to level with the game plays well in solo mode, barring the dungeons.
    The completionist curse is one that I fall pray to, in ESO my wife and I found that the last section of missions in a given area (at 30+) were easier as we had pretty much out-leveled the mobs.

    I found the healing in ESO frustrating as the direct heals struggled against the DPS at times and healing staff if you use one does AOE heals, (admittedly this may have changed since I slowed down playing a while back.)

    • Xannziee says:

      I agree, its perfect to solo in ESO. So ill save the delves, dungeons and worldbosses to do them with my mates :)
      Agree i also get ahead as I sub i get more XP too and at the end of the zone mobs dies like flies :P
      I think the healing works fine! Healing in ESO tho needs the group to take responsibility and dodge, kite from damage too…. I like it anyho, both with Templar and Sorceress:) Tho ofc its not always that easy to switch between dps and healing – need more practise :)

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