Take one step and then take another

This summer has been depressing in many ways. I wont go in to it in detail here though, other than the main thing was that I suddenly lost contact with someone (in real life) who was very important to me… Besides this, my childrens grandmother, who i adored, died, my daughter got ill in a strange way (but is ok now) and my dog got severely ill too. Otherwise it has been raining all summer but that was fitting sort of ;(

When I was near the bottom, the end of july, 2 gaming friends appeared in my life at the same time. 1 old friend and 1 completely new. It was like someone up there was thinking “she had enough now, lets kick her butt” and sent them to me <3 Im thankful for that and that they are patient when im sulking now and then.

I try to keep myself together and with a little help it might actually work out this time too, who knows.

I believe in trying to be kind to oneself when the shit hits the fan. And I also believe we need to force ourselves to heal. Like writing this blog even tho I dont have the stamina for it. Its like therapy sort of, this blog. I dont care much if anyone reads it, i do it for myself mostly. As a diary.
So that´s why I treated myself with another game, Guild Wars 2. I dont have time for it actually but I will take it slow and I will certainly not abandon my beloved Elder Scrolls which always comes first. I just needed a new environment for a while, to potter around in. A game without sad memories attached to it.

When i see my friends hilarious character in game i can forget about my own problems for a while and actually laugh at him, and that has to be good enough (and worth the money spent. And when he tries to teach me the jumping games in GW2 (everyone knows i suck so bad at this) he says “just take one step and then take another”. Its not that easy!! D: But I will do it:)

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6 Responses to Take one step and then take another

  1. Guild Wars 2? Any good?
    I’ve not played an MMORPG for a long time.
    Although, if you want to help fill out my squad, you can join me in Red Orchestra 2! lol ;)

    • Xannziee says:

      I dont know yet as I just started playing it:) FIrst impression is that ESO feels a lot more modern and a lot nicer graphics imo. GW has a similar combat system tho and might be a lot of fun in the long run. Time will tell :) Red orchestra? Huh?

      • Red Orchestra 2 is a very realistic WW2 first-person shooter! Probably not something you’d enjoy, but I’m a WW2 nerd, so I love it.
        I remember getting into the later stages of World of Warcraft, and it was fucking amazing. So I was just looking for any other MMORPG that comes close to that. ;)

        • Xannziee says:

          As it is I recommend Elderscrolls Online ofc and u can play it on console if u like. There are some amazing instances in that game… :)

          GW2 i have to come back with a review when I played it a bit more :O)

  2. Missy says:

    Hope the future will treat you better. Good thing about GW2 is that u can be as casual as u like. Play a day here wait a month and go back. Doesnt matter at all :) its a nice game to play when u need a break from other games. And it looks great too.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank you Missy. Its not possible for me to think about the future atm but I appreciate your concern <3
      About GW2 – that sounds like what I need right now then:)

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