Sandbox or Storyline – a matter of taste

I have been thinking a lot about why im so engaged in the storyline and lore in Elder Scrolls Online compared to other games like Rift and ArcheAge iv played? Then i read a column in MMORPG and it became clear. Elder Scrolls Online is on a completely different level than these 2 games when it comes to the storyline. As the author states and I agree;

“No game has ever made me think about my decisions as they do in ESO. As I mentioned, it’s not just the primary storyline either. I was invested in some of the side quests just as much”

The storyline and lore is amazing and engaging. But the problem is, I at least think, a lot of gamers miss this as they are so used to rush through content so they never stop to listen /read the quests/storyline.

Nothing is wrong or right, we are all different and for some people content and achievements are everything. But ESO has both, not many games has that as iv come to understand:

ESO is all about the adventure, and if you play it focused solely on “getting to the end” you’ll find the game a disappointment.

I dont think I can choose between content and storyline, I want it both. And more than everything I love the feeling of excitement and adventure I get when I start a new quest as some of them are really epic and engaging.

The columnist compares ESO to SWTOR which doesnt have a bad storyline either:

Look at SWTOR. It has released two expansions so far, Hutt Cartel and Revan. Neither offered any additional story except for side quests. No advancement on the primary storyline. Hutt Cartel added an entire planet, filled with dailies. Yay… dailies. 

That’s the difference between ESO and other games. Even its fluff content has purpose, has meaning. You’re not just doing it to reach higher levels. You’re doing it because you enjoy the adventure”

That was partly what made me leave ArcheAge, dailies. After boring leveling, including a pointless storyline to lvl 30 and side quests like “kill 12 rats”, there was only dailies to look forward to. To me it was monotone and boring with only short outbursts of adventures between all the farming. The sandbox scenario with pvp without balance made people greedy and selfish and it created a toxic community. So I just lost my engagement and stopped caring.

In a sandbox you have to come up with the storyline yourself. That is how many people defend sandboxes.  But it can be difficult to invent your own storyline, how ever awesome it is, without any other ppl in game engaged in it. And to survive you have to grind 24/7 and grow some very sharp elbows. It soon develops to a very harsh world….Some people loves grinding and PKing low levels and that´s fine, we just have to find the game that suits us.

Maybee ArcheAge is more like the real world when it comes to how people treat each other. But I dont want the real world when I play. If i can get a “better” world, I choose that. Its a huge difference how people treat each other in ESO compared to ArcheAge. Even in the pvp areas people are nicer in ESO than in AA. Of course there are gankers too but over all there is a huge difference.

There are some grinding and dailies in ESO too, at higher levels. But the game quality is definitely a lot higher (actually on a completely different level and so much higher quality imo u cant even compare them really…) and I hope new game patches will include a continuing and exciting storyline. And I believe they will :)

Column: Storyline vs Content
By Ryan Getchell


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