The Elf who wanted to be a Cat

When i Started to play ESO again I really really wanted to be a Khajiit, the cat race. But I also wanted to be a sorceress. When my teen son heard that he cringed! He said he would shoot me if I created a Khajiit sorceress in ESO >.> He has been playing a lot of Skyrim earlier so was more involved in the lore than I was, obviously. Alas, I made an elf by habit as that has been my choise in both ArcheAge and Rift. Why make a human when im a human irl? The cat above is my “mule” in ESO.

This is my low level Dunmer in ESO, she is cool but not the least like me irl (maybee the personality?;) I actually wish she was my main cos i really really like her, but my main is now lvl 39 and I dont have the stamina to start all over again >.<

If I wanted to make a char look more like my RL self I would have had to create a Breton, Nord or Imperial and I didnt feel like that. And i probably had failed at it anyho.
If i couldnt have a cat it had to be an elf. People say I have kind of a “pixie” personality irl (!?) so I should maybee have choosed a wood elf (Bosmer) but as I aimed for sorceress, Altmer/High Elf suited me better. Tho I made her as short as possible and she is not the least stuck up either so she will be ok as a “pixie” I hope ^^
I took this RL pic today and mixed it with my main char ingame. Created in my mobile and no photoshop so quality is not the best but anyho >.>

I have read some blogs about if making chars that resembles ourselves irl or not and if a human looking char makes it more immersive to play the game. Im not sure. My char does not resemble me much (i hope >.>). She is my badass self:

Tho I suspect it is easier to identify with a char that has at least some human features than a squirrel or something? I dunno, I have to try that one day^^

My first char was born in Entropia, 2013, but I didnt last more than a few weeks as I was such a noob (still is!) and that game was a bit too in deep for me at that time :S Anyho, here she is, boring girl:

Im still thankful I (thanks to my son) even tho Im not that young, discovered these games. They bring me a lot of  happiness, friends and fun each and every day. If I have sorrows irl, i can forget them for a while as my sorceress looks so cool when she casts lightning spells. She can do everything I wish I could and some more  :)


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