The Dark Reavers and my friends saved my day

I had been pottering around alone in ESO for quite a while and was a bit depressed irl, after some sad events the last weeks, when I met someone from my gaming community The Dark Reavers the other day.

Its no problem to play ESO alone as the lore and storyline is awesome and u get loads of stuff to do in world. But its still a lot more fun to have someone to play with so I thankfully joined him questing. He has some chars at veteran level already but havent played in a while so he started a new char, a dual wielding mage. hmm >.>

A very strange build but totally awesome it seems! He is a maniac and throws himselfs into public dungeons alone with ONLY me as “healer” lol lol. We survived somehow ^^ He looked great even at low levels so I accepted his invitation to have a drink with him at the nearest inn. Tho when he arrived in his civilian clothes and without helm, he looked…

hmm… >.> Well its the inside of a person that counts, isnt it? :}

Right after he joined me, another friend I leveled with for a while in ArcheAge joined too!
You both came along when I needed you most. This also shows how great a gaming community like The Dark Reavers is. Even if we change games, friends are still there <3


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