Elder Scrolls pvp and sieges

A friend of mine plays Dragonknight  in ESO and loves pvp. He has played both Rift and ArchAge but mostly Counterstrike and likewise fps games. He claims ESO is by far the best mmo he has tried when it comes to pvp. (Click the pics to enlargen them).
You can start pvp at level 10 if you like but I advice you to invest in a horse as the Cyrodiil map is HUGE! All levels are present so everyone gets the same base health, stamina and magicka values by default in the pvp zone. Tho you wont have that many abilities yet so its easier if you quest up to a higher level first, like lvl 15 at least when u get one more skill bar.
The dominion ruled this night and in the end owned almost the whole map! (The pic is taken before they took the last 2 forts in the upper middle :):)
I asked my friend to record a video from Cyrodiil as he had spent some time there and got one from when he is about lvl 30 and in this session he had 12 kills in a row without any death! :D He said he had so much fun so he almost cried when he had to close the game to get some sleep that night :´)

(if possible, change the vid to high resolution)

Some people have problems with lag in the pvp areas as there are loads of players present at the same time. This problem is quite easy to solve tho via some tweaks, at least if you have 8 gig ram (google is your friend, im no techie sowwy;)
So if you like pvp dont hesitate to try ESO. You just have to level up to about 15 then u can spend the rest of your time in Cyrodiil, the pvp area, if you so prefer. Especially now when the new DLC game pack Imperial City is about to launch, Cyrodiil is the place to be :)

Credits; My anonymous friend has taken all pics and the video too


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