Imperial City – anticipated patch in Elderscrolls Online

You better improve your stealth abilities before the new patch lands in Elderscrolls Online ;) End of august will Imperial City launch as a new pve and pvp area in Cyrodiil. Some people anticipates that zerg guilds will take over the whole place and make it hard for other to access the pve content. Time will tell. Anyhoo its nice for everyone who loves pvp.

The patch will contain loads of improvements for free, for everyone who owns the game, but there will be an option to buy content too as the game is buy to play. If you buy content you will have access to new pets, mounts and the whole Imperial City area and a lot more.

I havent decided yet if im going to join it as im only lvl 25 atm and I dont belong to a guild yet. Iv only tried pvp a couple of times tho it was loads of fun. Atm I enjoy the pve content as its totally awesome and the lore is amazing. Still this is extremely exciting and I look forward to it.

Imperial City – Launch details
MMORPG – about Imperial city


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