Pvp and Elderscrolls Online

My son convinced me to join him in Cyrodiil for some pvp so I went along as a mix healer/dps. It was loads of fun and Cyrodiil is beautyful! There is both pvp and pve quests and content. We almost cleared a dungeon when we got wiped in the end by 3 players when we were looting and wasnt on top of the situation. So we missed to collect the skyshard too >.< ack! But tis fun and u can get some great loot too.

Players are from all levels but you can choose to join a campaign where everyone is equal so you can start pvp at lvl 10 and its mostly skills that counts. PVP gets a bit different at veteral levels but I wont dig into that just yet….

You get points when you participate in sieges and u can buy siege weapons and repair kits for those points. So u dont have to waste your gold!:D
Tis a lot more fun to heal and level in ESO compared to ArcheAge. The game is a lot more balanced, the combat is a lot more fun and the quests and NPCs are sometimes hilarious and almost always interesting. Some well known actors lends their voices to the NPCs so u will prolly recognize a lot of them. I think i had Schwarzenegger with me in a dungeon yesterday, or at least it sounded exactly like him:):)

No “kill 10 rats” quests ;)  The crafting is more fun, still in dept, as I can afford to craft my own gear and potions. The only thing i miss is the ability to use boats and sea battles. But, all in all, this game is a lot more polished so I can definitely live without that. Today I may reach level 24 if I work a bit more ^^


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