One year ago…

Or more than one year ago, in April 2014, this char was born in Elderscrolls Online. A little wood elf and a nightblade. But times was harsh. The game was very new and had loads of glitches and too many goldsellers in the chat so I was put off at level 7. A major reason I didnt pursue the game was that I missed Rift too much, I wasnt finished with that game back then obviously. So I didnt play this char more than about 2 weeks before I gave up. Too lightly maybee but it wasnt the right time for her. And now she is gone. I felt I had messed her up too much to continue so I created a sorceress when I restarted the game a couple of weeks ago (or 3 weeks? time flies!).

I have been trying to play a sorceress both in Rift and in ArcheAge and failed completely. So I thought, why not try it again? :D:D Actually so far i LOVE this mage/sorceress *_* This is because it is an ESO MAGE! That means I can RUN AND CAST SPELLS! Woohooo!!! I dont have to be standing like a frozen statue waiting for my death :P Thats why I love her and I think this might actually work!:):) I never understood why mages had to stand still. I sucked at it because i always moved too soon and blew my cooldowns and my spells ;( Or I was standing still casting while enemies killed me ;( fail both ways. Not now, they cant catch a running mage. Trouble is I have to aim while running but that is actually easier for me that the other alternative :} Anyho, she is now level 10!

It is now I can enter Cyrodiil, the PVP area. But tis a bit sceery so i dunno if i wait a couple more levels first >.>



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