This is the Beginning, not The End


Nothing lasts forever, not this blog either and maybee its time to move on. Im not sure but If I choose not to post here again, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and subscribers. I have also appreciated all your comments immensely. A lot of the comments have been written outside the blog in other social medias but that is how it should be. U talked to me, and im thankful for that.

Regardless of this, definite, long or short break from blogging, from now on I will focus more on my real life, my work and my loved ones. Too much has happened lately and I have to take a step back.

The *fish eye* reality pic (bad hairday >.<) is from work yesterday. I took it by mistake while having a video conversation via skype using my cellphone on my lunchbreak :S It may symbolise reality taking a bigger part of my life from now on. But I wont quit playing mmos of course. Im just not sure I will continue to write about it here. So this might be the end for this blog, but the beginning of a lot of exciting adventures Irl (and maybee in the virtual world too) I hope. And I need some peace and tranquility too…

Take care all of you and I will try not to lose contact with my real virtual friends. You will always know where to find me.

See you in a game some day, in a galaxy far far away from here <3


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8 Responses to This is the Beginning, not The End

  1. Missy's Mojo says:

    Maybe one day you will return :) The blog wont go anywhere so ! Take care :)

  2. Rowan says:

    Well, shoot. I was just getting to know you. I understand how real life encroaches on our digital pastimes, though. I hope to see you around the Twitters and elsewhere. :)

  3. Take care Xannziee! I’ve enjoyed your writing and will miss catching up with your virtual life. Stay safe!

  4. j3w3l says:

    best wishes and good luck with all your future ventures.

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