The Dolphin Drama

As I was bored standing afkish by my house my neighbour Pooh dropped by. He told me we got our dolphins EVENTUALLY! ;) Trion had messed up the other day and given free dolphins and a lot of other stuff to patrons who had quit ArcheAge to get them back. But nothing to us faithful patrons… So after a lot of turbulence and drama in the forum (yes it was a BAD decision by Trion!) they changed their minds and gave even us faithful patrons and founders the dolphin pack. So Pooh and I tried it out and it was totally awesome I must admit. (sorry for bad pic quality as I used an old desktop temporary). Now I only have to unpack the rest of the stuff…
As im a bit bored by the Library I try to find other stuff to do. So today I regraded my last 2 pieces of blue armor up to Heroic so I have my full set now.  Then I bought a new goat as I had to leave my old goat behind when I donated my house to the guild. Just a good for nothing goat im afraid but then im not the most efficient person in ArcheAge either >.> So now I got this little cutie pie:
so whats next? I need to find something to do that keeps me from the Library… D:

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