The Library in ArcheAge

I got complaints I havent blogged in a while *winks at Jonathan*. So why is that? Well mostly because im just tired. Loads of work irl as I had flu twice this season I lost time when I was home in fever. But also because of the new expansion in ArcheAge.

A new expansion should be a trigger to blog one thinks, but no. This expansion is so boring so I dunno what to write about actually :D:D:D  But even if the expansion is a bit of a bore, the company is not. My guildies <3 We are grinding to our death everyday in The Library, the new Hasla grind heaven in ArcheAge.  It takes millions of XP to reach level 55….
(pic; Eljest, Xelec, Xanni and Tjuvkil grinding on first floor). Yesterday I got to level 51 after hours and hours on the first floor.

The second floor was a bit different but same same. Just a bit more detoriated… And i suspect 3rd floor will be even worse..
Pic; Dead tired; Aphex and Chaplin, still able to stand, Xanni and Carlhunter.
I dunno, maybee this will be fun eventually, this expansion. I just havent found out yet. Making next generation weapons – Obsidian weapons is a big part of the grind too. You have to grind all over Auroria, Diamond shores and the library to get stuff to craft your weapons. Even then it will cost u loads of money as you have to buy a lot of stuff to get it done….Then you cant sell it either if u used it. Here is a great link to the recepies:
Obsidian weapon guide

Im not sure if this kind of monotone grind is something people in the western world prefers? What do you think? Time will tell.


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2 Responses to The Library in ArcheAge

  1. PlaidElf says:

    I was very disappointed there wasn’t new questing. Most of the few guildies I have stepped back to WoW so I don’t even have anybody to go grind library with and my gear is not very good so I am not sure my paladin would be very welcome in any of the groups I see forming. So far I’m only about 7% of the way into the level from grinding some mobs outside solo and a few of the day quests. I wish you luck and hope it gets to feeling like more fun for you. :)

    • Xannziee says:

      thanks for your comment:) I suspect u r not alone feeling that way about it… I had the same hopes and wishes as u but then ppl say *its not a pve game*… this will be interesting to follow:)

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