Breaking news: Aphex is playing Rift!

We found him in Rift the other day, Aphex, the famoussauze ArcheAge champion. He had promised to never touch this game but how long did that promise last? ^^ He is a marvelous tank in Rift too, not only in ArcheAge and cool armor too!  U can see how Carl is admiring him :D:D

rift yarissa_cut
My old guildie Yarissa contacted me when I was online. It´s nice not to be forgotten <3 Also Spate gave me a whisper. I miss u a lot Eternal Dawn, a great gaming community <3

Otherwise iv had a blast in Rift with Carl (cleric) from AA and messed up a lot for him but he has had a lot of training healing me :P 1 major problem was I couldnt use my ranger after the last patch I couldnt shoot while moving. Totally weird. Yesterday I found this:

  • Ability Animation Issues. Some players might have noticed that animations for some of their instant-cast abilities aren’t displaying properly. Red Hawk has confirmed Trion are looking into fixing the issue, high priority. No ETA on a fix. [r]

I guess its related to my problem and I do hope they fix it soon cos atm the ranger is not possible to run at all and i miss my raptor :`(

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