The Hare and the Fox

0RIFT Cleric
As we were out of labour points again in ArcheAge we decided to play Rift again. Carl (Carlhunter in AA) had manage to open his original account where he had a lvl 36 Cleric so I decided to use my old lvl 53 bahmi rogue and mentor her down to 36. Easier said than done! Rift had nerfed the ranger so I couldnt run and shoot at the same time so we decided I had to go Bard instead. It was a while ago I used the bard on this char so I felt a bit lost. Anyho we went on and it happened to be a world event in Scarlet Gorge so there was a LOT of elite mobs around. We decided to attack them and somehow after the attack I ran straight into the mob and managed to tank them all >.>

Alas, I ran for my life, screaming in Mumble – I will die!! D: As Carl was a Warden I knew he was a raid healer more than a ST healer so I was panicking. Also, he hadnt played this char for a long time…. Carl shouted at me – dont run that way and try to mentor up again! But I was in panic and couldnt think. And as i was in combat I couldnt change mentor level either so I continued to run. If Carl said “turn left” i turned right and when he said – Dont run into that mob too, ofc I did!  I ran blindly like a decapitated chicken.

I started to sweat because it was both stressful and embarrassing at the same time. I managed to take off my cardigan irl cos I was steaming hot. Carl shouted – You have at least 80 mobs after you now! That didnt make me feel more confident so I continued to run. I was blocked by stress and didnt recognize my abilities. After a while i saw a button with a leg and pushed it and to my relief it made me run faster for a while :D

When i looked behind me it looked like a train with me first and all the mobs after. Now I know how the hare feels in a greyhound race…I just wish we had recorded this. Any tank would have been green by envy at the sight :O) The mobs were able to run forever as they were event mobs so they didnt give up either. It was other ppl around and Carl too but the mobs only had eyes for me ^^ I reminded Carl that Aphex had said there was no action in The Rift….  >.>

Carl tried to get me into a village with guards and after a long while I ran in the right direction (just by coincidence im afraid) and managed to get half safe at least so we could kill them with help from the guards. Im deeply impressed by Carls healing abilities. I have no clue how he alone could keep me alive against all those mobs O.o

Atm I am having more fun in The Rift than in ArcheAge as AA is only endless farming for me atm. I dont find much fun to do sorry to say :/ Rift is so much more easy going…

So I will continue to play Rift parallell with AA as I feel that is the only way for me to not give up AA permanently…

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