The Long and Winding Road

Endgame in ArcheAge lately has been just a long grind for gold and not much fun in between sorry to say. Endgame is supposed to be fun!? But the economy in ArcheAge has been so twisted for a long time so it has been hard to make a living in game. Im sure some people are fine but a lot of us are struggling, driving our haulers all over the continent and dont see much of the content ArcheAge actually has to offer. To be able to fight end game bosses and players who has delphinad gear we need to gear up and that doesnt come cheap. Its a long and winding road…
Well its a bit more cheap if you´r not a healer that is. If you are caster or archer you can gear up while grinding. I was grinding for jewellery in Karkasse the other day but realised a bit too late that there was no content with healer stats…. So back to the hauler again…

Its not all boring of course! I have a lot of fun too, but lately iv had that feeling we are left behind. Only a few players and very big guilds seemes to manage to be able to reach that end game content. Maybee im wrong, I hope so. Last week iv started to play Rift more and more again and that has made me realise something is wrong. Im having a lot more fun and happy gaming in Rift. Of course there are less demands when u play Rift on a low level (i dont use my end game char in Rift atm) but still.

As iv reached end game in Rift I also know there is a lot more equality between players in that game. Even if its hard enough. U dont have to run your credit card to get that armor or that weapon u need to survive in Rift like you do in ArcheAge. Its possible to get through “normal” game play. Tell me im wrong, I may be. And maybe i just need a short break from the beautyful ArcheAge now and then. I hope so, cos I love the world and my guild and I dont want to give up just yet. There is an expansion this coming week and some old guildies seems to be joining us again. Thats amazing and Im so happy to see them again. So let´s grind some more then, but Ill have my vacation in Rift now and then (:


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7 Responses to The Long and Winding Road

  1. I’m level 27 and honestly I can’t even be bothered to keep levelling. haha. Does the game get a lot better once you’re all levelled up?

    • Xannziee says:

      thats a hard one to answer! :S I dont like questing either, at least not alone. With friends its fun tho. Problem in archeage is that gear for endgame has been so extremely expensive. But it depends on which class you are playing and which guild you belong to. So I cant answer the question in a few words sorry to say… at least u can stop questing after level cap tho ^^ But the grinding goes on and on…

      good luck!:)

  2. Feels like I need 6 months of my life back, not even bothered to log in and give this new lvl 55 cap a go. Was a grind to get the merchant ship, a grind to level, the scenery and effects are amazing, but hey so were farmville lol. Im on week ten of not playing and not been tempted one bit to go back.

    • Xannziee says:

      Sorry for late answer. Somehow I missed your response as i left my blog for some months.

      I feel the same about ArcheAge now. And I actually was bored after Auroria too but gave it 1 more chance. As Iv only played Rift before AA I didnt have much experience and didnt until late see how cheap and unpolished ArcheAge is. a grindfest and a gold sink. Only designed to fill producers pockets- they have no love for the game and the lore, its just money. i guess a sandbox has to be that way (grindy) but it doesnt suit my playstyle. Nowadays i enjoy myself in ESO instead.

      Eso is lovely and I am totally immersed in it. I didnt realise how good it was when i bought it first time in april 2014. The lore is wonderful and I care about what happens in the story. I never did in Rift and ArcheAge had no story to talk about.

      Lesson learned I hope :)

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