Espirro, the Benefactor

A couple of weeks ago we met him for the first time, Espirro. He was standing by a special workbench making pack after pack and put them on the ground. He said: Take them I dont want them. I dont have time for trade runs I just wanna craft packs and burn my labor. Invite anyone in your guild :D

So we filled our haulers and off we went a couple of time. After that iv seen him again when i passed by and we became friends. He is an amazingly wonderful person with a social consciousness.  We talked about foul language in games and Counter Strike especially. How especially a lot of russians were shouting bad words and trolling. Iv seen it in in AA too but not to that degree ofc. So he told me about a documentary he seen a while ago where homeless russian kids begged on the streets then spent the money on computer games >.<  That made me feel quite a bit less irritated by the phenomena actually…

A person like this is not that common in games and I would like to have him in our guild but thats impossible as we only invite swedish speaking ppl :/ And not to use his labor but because he is a truly nice guy. Meetings like this makes it worth while <3


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2 Responses to Espirro, the Benefactor

  1. SunnyBunny says:

    Wow first off he is very handsome……like for realz.
    Second there are a lot of really nice people out there – sometimes it can be hard to find them. I know I’ve sat in the same spot and given away weapons and armour or even matts.

    I actually met a nice player in game who crafted some armour for me for free. He also was member of a guild – which is huge since I was looking for one.

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