The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Nah u are not mistaking, tis a big cat visiting me at my home in Two Crowns ;) But how did this happen? It started sunday morning while I read my last chapter in the Haranya art of language book;
Eventually I had 100%! But you will notice in my screenshots of the text that I still mess up now and then. But everything is possible to read at least :D So I “celebrated” with taking a pack to Sanddeep. It was crowded with reds ofc. But I rezzed my clipper and jumped in it. Suddenly I had a BIG cat next to me D:
I asked him if he was going to kill me, but he said he just wanted to hang with me for a while and seemed impressed by my language skills. So I took him home wif me:):)
And after showing him around he wanted to take me to his house in Rockborne so we took a portal to his house. It was amazing as he had a secret feature in his house, but I promised to keep that a secret so I cant tell you what it was. Tho I can give u a small clue. You can see the feature in the pic of his home below….. but not how he did it. I´ll say no more! :)
I got something strong in a bottle and fell to the floor as a lot of east ppl were running around outside his house…
But I wasnt worried, he did seem solid enough ^^ He told me east is a bit smaller than west atm and I suspect he is right… thats bad and I hope more ppl will join east so we can have more pvp with them. East is a beautyful place really, I wish I could explore it more. I just visited it in closed beta and after that iv only been to a few places like Ynestere, Hasla ofc and Rockborne. Go go East we need u!:)
And I got home again, safe and sound of course. Thanks a lot Doom for the visit, I had so much fun:):)
At about the same time this happened a guildie of mine, Xelec, was ganked by a dork from the west guild Kebab Trading company. Our own faction and green…

Race or colour doesnt tell us much about who is good or bad, its the behaviour that counts. Doomsinger is Good, he isn´t Bad and he sure isn´t Ugly:)

(but the west PK guilds, Kebab Trading Company, Legit, Prime and Reborn and so on, are just bad and ugly. I hope you´ll clean weeds and channels in Marianople til u fall down and die a horrible death!:):):)

Tho I dont mind having some fun pvp with my guild vs his guild some day, but that will be a fair fight, not like being stabbed in the back by our own faction…

Carl spanked me a little when he heard about this “adventure” in East. He didnt seem to approve. I dunno why? Look at the pic, he was not happy and I had a headache :S So he needed some pampering and after that he seemed ok so the night happy ended in another adventure where I once again had to use the Harani language…. tho…. I will tell u that story next time ;)

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