Equality between men and women in ArcheAge?

This is Korean fashion and you can only guess what this is doing to our males in game? The lady in white got quite popular the other day. Her name was Oopsis and Pooh and Tjuvkil from my guild debated which one of us had the shortest skirt. As soon as they saw her they undressed ofc as usual :S Maybee they are actually trying to be equal with us poor ladies? <3 Well Oopsis obviously won  and got all their attention -_-
Tjuvkil worshipped her:
And failed so Pooh tried another approach, trying to persuade her:
He tried and…
tried and
FAIL! He got the cold shoulder from her :D:D
Even Carl undressed as the new Swedish ArcheAge fashion demands and tried his best but he wasnt fortunate enough to meet Oopsis so he had to settle with me. Success? Clue; a dance invite might work ^^



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