Time To Move On

So eventually I left my my beloved house and my 16×16 farm next to it in Solzreed – Farmlands and donated it to my guild. I have owned the house since 12 of september when I entered the server in head start. But its time to move on and I cant think of anyone I rather want to give my first house in ArcheAge to than my guild <3

Move on for me just means I only keep my thatched farm (and maybee a 16×16 farm to go with that, havent decided yet). Ofc I stay in ArcheAge!:)

For the guild this means we have a great place to show off our stuff as a lot of people passes by the house everyday doing traderuns or questing. So tis a good spot to make some PR for the guild and easy to reach. Spybreak has created some nice looking signs and flags already and all workstations are in place. (the 2 following pics is taken by Sagisawa after the Guild took over the house and farm the other day, click for larger):
Its also easier for lowbies to farm and craft in Solzreed than the old place in Sanddeep where they got ganked quite often. They weren´t even safe inside the houses in that pvp area and that was actually quite annoying.

When we joined ArcheAge everyone in the guild ran to Sanddeep to place their farms but I ran the other way. I found my dream place back in closed beta so I knew where i was going – Solzreed Farmlands! The house and farm is placed far away from other housing areas so its a lovely location withour lag. Still its very close to merchants and other infrastructure:
I love pvp but not when im crafting or farming. I felt I needed a safe spot to relax in between all the action in game and im so happy the guild has all that now:):)

If you are Swedish or speak swedish (sorry that´s a requirement) and wants to join the guild you can speak to some of our officers or reqruiters like; Aphex, Spybreak, Sagisawa, Ralf or Carlhunter in game. Or/and register at Friskyttarna.se. Or if u are not lucky enough to be Swedish, you can just drop by and visit us at our guild house and have a nice chat. Welcome!


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