Out of labor…

So what are you doing when you are out of Labour Points in ArcheAge? Carl and I decided to play Rift. And we had loads of fun and Carl decided to play a smexy bard too *_* U know i cant resist bards…. :S
I got a lot more action than ArcheAge has given me the last days. As we have to make tons of gold to survive in AA we have become more like farmers. Rift gave us a lot more action even at level 10…. So it was actually refreshing to switch for a while. (that black outfit looks cool but it was on a lvl 65 char so I guess I have to wait a while to get there >.> )


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3 Responses to Out of labor…

  1. SunnyBunny says:

    That was a sexy beard. I like Rift but my computer couldn’t handle it even on low graphics – which is weird as I can play ESO on low and it still looks amazing.

  2. Khortish says:

    One of these is not like the other ones~

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