Waiting for the next patch

The last 2 weeks has been rather slow as I have had the flu and been rather sick for a while. No energy for any serious gaming, rather just cuddle my friends and their pets (as Xelexs icebear cub above <3)
As i lost energy I also got a bit depressed and thats quite usual after a hard flu with fever so nothing specul about that. But my friends and neighbours, like Pooh, kept me going. He is rather gorgeous isnt he?:
I just miss your brother Zad, Pooh. He got burned out after too many traderuns before christmas and iv only seen him twice since then :( Plz Zad, come back… (pic from a fishing trip in Solzreed)
Another friend is not so generous with his looks. He always hides his pretty face behind different costumes, hats and goggles :S Spybreak of course, my healer hero, dropped by the other day to cheer me up (and succeeded ofc <3)
And I eventually got my healing armor, Illustrious Stone Cloth with at least 3-4 heroic parts. Well i know its not “good enough” but I cant afford anyting else atm. My pockets are empty. And I didnt even get much cloth for the money either…. :S
Another goal I had in game was to achieve the farm next to my house in Solzreed and I got that too the other day. Its rather easy to get land now….
And I have my thatched farm too. I feel spoiled (but broke..). So after all those goals and achievements fulfilled I can feel that emptiness closing in. Spybreak feels it too but we are looking forward to the next patch:

I have high hopes, this will be exciting! Nothing wrong in taking it easy for a while. It could actually be a good thing:)


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