Pay To Win

Pay to win in a mmo? Is it wrong? I dunno really. Maybee we just have to get used to it. Tis the future of games. More and more people get used to paying for virtual stuff and its no difference paying for that or for “real” stuff. I mean if u take a drink in a bar u still cant save it to the next day (or u rather wanna forget about it the next day :S). A vacation trip isnt either something u can save other than in your memory. I guess we pay what we can afford (or value something to) and thats different from person to person. Not all wants to own a porche even if we can afford it. Some people takes loans to get status and some avoids it (I avoid loans irl if possible). Some are in a hurry to get to high status and some care less.
I want to play a game for a longer period and im in no hurry so I dont want to use my credit card. But if you are in a hurry (for different reasons) you might want to. I talked to a RL friend about this the other day (he dont play games) and he couldnt see any problem with paying for stuff in a game. It was actually refreshing to hear that from person who looked at it from the “outside”. And I felt somehow comforted with that answer.

It has been a lot of drama talk about “pay to win” in the mmo sphere and that has given me a awkward and depressed feeling. But people “pay to win” irl too. What´s the difference? For some people its more important than for others to “win” and have the most expensive car (irl) or armor (virtual?) etc. This follows us in to the virtual world and I actually dont think we can do much about it. Other than just ignore it. They might not win in the end anyho :)

Then there is people who play 24/7 and says they “wants to prove they can play this game for free”. Sure. No problem. If u dont have full time work and kids that is…… go ahead, you will succeed. But dont get too big headed about it. Dont forget, not everyone has the same possibilities as you have.

I dunno what u think? I guess im wrong?? I change my mind everyday it seems :S But this is my place to ventilate stuff. Thanks for all comments on my last posting in G+ hope u can give me feedback this time too :)


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  1. says:

    nice game i like it

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