Lately Iv started to feel more and more like a leech when I play ArcheAge. I am a founder and a patron but I still dont feel “good enough” as I still havent got that epherium club and epherium armor. I havent open my wallet often enough! Ouchie me. Imma leech!

The sad part about mmos these days seem to be that u either have to grind 24/7 which means you cant work irl or you have to open your wallet. If you work and think your sub and some money for smaller stuff is ok, think again. Other people might not agree.

Iv also got comments about my “lack of progress” that is well meant im sure but still hurtful. Both when it comes to armor and “why dont u have more kills?” as AA obviously is all about the race “ifudonthavethousandsofkillsurworthless”. I could read between the lines “ok u are a healer because u suck at dps?” Well I have been sucking at everything because I have been trying to learn multiple roles last months in AA. So thats true.

Maybee im a bit more sensitive atm as I´v had the flu and high fever for 2 weeks out of 3 now (only 1 week in between when i could work). So im a bit depressed cos of this and I hope this wont feel so heavy in a week or 2 as it does now. Actually a lot of people in my guild is very group oriented and prepared to go as healers or support if necessary. At least in instances…. Ralf and Spy for example has inspired me and been most helpful when it comes to builds and armor for healers <3
But if it doesnt get better after next patch, I got news from ESO which will be buy to play in mars! So I have an emergency exit if things doesnt work out in ArcheAge <3
Sorry for rant but I had to get it out of my system.

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