XL games bullies healers

So how is it to be a healer in ArcheAge? It´s pretty unforgiving actually even if iv had fun doing it, mostly. It´s this constant problem with the gear that screws up everything. The inflation has made it impossible to get good enough gear for us that dont want to spend thousands of euro/dollars into the game. And I wont. I have work irl and that means i dont have time to grind the game 24/7 either. But I need to use my money irl and wont spend them in a game. I pay my sub fee and pay for some other stuff  and thats fine, but I will NEVER spend that kind of money I need to spend to keep up with the others. So I wont have that Epherium stone cloth set or that Epherium 1 hand club to heal my group and will be a lousy healer or quit.

Healing and healing gear had been wrecked by XL games before launch and people who played from Alpha knew this things would happen and was prepared, I wasnt. And I havent had time either as I work and have other obligations too, irl.

So maybee this game isnt possible to play for me? If i dont spend these kind of money I will continue to have lousy gear and when next patch for lvl55 launches I will be even more out of date. So maybee its time to look for other things to do in my spare time. This game is only suitable for them who can spend shitloads of money in it or played since Alpha and had time to prepare. I can´t see how I possibly can fit in.

This quote is from an interesting thread in the ArcheAge forum:
“The main problem here is that most of you didn’t play alpha and didn’t know about the lack of healer gear coming into launch. I had a full arcane illustrious stone set at the start of the second week of launch because I slaved for a tailor to be able to craft probably 15 sets of gear. Barely any of the crystals came from PvE, though I do think the tailor ground mobs for coinpurses for a bit. They came from running trade packs for charcoal to make seed oil, flipping the seed oil, and buying the crystals.

This game has always been a race to gear before inflation hit. It’s here now, and if you don’t have your gear, you need to wait until they inject archeum into the economy to stimulate it. Yes, XLGames screwed everyone on the lack of healer drops, but I’m not sure there’s much that Trion can do about it now.
Link to thread

Thanks anyho Trion, it has been a fun ride so far and iv loved the game. I still love it. But I wont spend ridiculous money on it just to keep up.

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2 Responses to XL games bullies healers

  1. j3w3l says:

    The grind was real… and absolutely terrifying haha.

    For me it was burning all my money thinking I could craft some decent rings and then sell them. Of course that was my thousands of gold gone and I came out of it with nothing haha. Then seeing the inflation for gear and how much of a difference it makes well… i couldn’t be assed any more.

    • Xannziee says:

      ya I can relate to that as iv crafted armor (failed ofc). :S
      and not possible to grind for healer gear – have to buy it…. sorry u quit tho. ill hang on 4 a while, til nxt patch at least:)

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