My Wet House Dream

Eventually I got my dream house in ArcheAge – the Thatched Farmhouse. Iv dreamed of owning this house since I first saw it in closed Beta *_* Thanks to Pooh and Spybreak who saw the spot and placed a blueprint asap so I could get it <3
Pic: Pooh, Zad and Sagisawa. My closest neighbours are my friends and guildies Pooh, Zad and Xelec and I hope to see more guildies around <3

I still own my house in Solzreed farmlands tho, the house i got 12 of september on headstart. I keep it cos im sentimental. I dont use it much myself atm other than port to it but i let friends use it as Carl one of our newest members. He has been leveling to 50 as FTP and has shown us its possible to get good gear and be awesome in this game just in a couple of weeks. Im totally impressed by that and he show us its possible to play this game as a free player and play it good too. Tho it depends on your RL life too. If u have a lot of work and other stuff the progress as a FTP player will be very slow.


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