Nude Friday with Friskyttarna…

The Nude Trend in ArcheAge swedish Friskyttarna community has accelerated. Aphex is doing the Serpentis alone nowadays with only his awesomezause sword also called “The Aphex Sword” as companion and nekkid ofcourse:> He has it on farm now.

This friday started with some drinks and then we arranged a spontaneous party in Xelecs newly built bungalow in Solzreed. Nekkid ofcourse, except me ;)
Pic from left Aphex, Xelec, Qnott and me. Arent the swimfeet cute? <3
After that and some more drinks we manage to survive GHA (all males nekkid of course). Afterwards I went to auction house in Marianople and ran in to Chaplin :}
This is a rather nice tradition if I may say so >.>


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