Epic Naval battle in ArcheAge

Black Swans and some other guilds called the whole server Kyprosa to an epic sea battle this friday. Of course Friskyttarna participated even if we are not one of the biggest guilds we never say no to a battle:
For me tho it started with dissapointment. A person I thought i could trust as a former guildie and friend, Saraih, betrayed us. She/he had turned pirate recently but a friend is a friend. So when she asked if she could stay on our cutter a while i thought why not. Aphex, Ralf and the others was against it but I wasnt worried. That was a mistake. After a while her mates, some reds, pirates and bloodlusting greens appeared on a fishing boat and boarded us. We killed them asap and had only 1 loss ourselves. Im sorry for this my beloved guildies, my bad. I still feel terrible about it :(

The invitation and the rules:
I  changed my graphic to medium as we went into battle and set all avatars to default to decrease lag.
The rules was quite clear, no bloodlust. Tho of course the ctrl+f finger itched on some ppl. Why dont u go play Mortal Online instead. Where everyone runs around half nekkid in their panties, fighting. Just because they are so afraid to be looted? As much pvp as u like and a bit more. Too hardcore for you? No easy kills? ^^

In the video (in swedish) you can see how Linkie from the guild Feared By Infamy bloodlust on our member Pooh next time we ran into that fishing boat and his friend, the petty shrub Saraih, get chased and almost killed by Khadoas. But her boyfriend the p2w premature Ultimate (who Aphex killed when they boarded us before) stabs him in the back before he had a chance to finish her off.

After we got rid of those fleas and griefers It got a lot nicer and the real battle could begin. It was some epic moments as you can see in the video above (in swedish). Sorry to say there had been some misunderstandings regarding the starting time of the battle so some of our members were late and also East didnt have enough people online. But it was amazing and I really hope there will be more of these kinds of activities in game. Thank u all organizers for a nice initiative and thanks to allies and also East for participating <3 This is what ArcheAge is about, I LOVE this game! *_*

Qnott, me and Aphex after the seabattle.

Credits: Thanks to Khadoas for the videos!

(Pirates and bloodlusters u can go kill each other, who cares?)


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