The American Friend

That is also a movie by Wim Wenders but my friend Jonathan has followed me via Google+ since I started playing Rift back in January last year. He has supported me and cheered me up along the way along with giving me valuable tips and tricks. So eventually when I decided to move to ArcheAge he was there too. But on a US server so we havent played together so far ;( Anyho the other day I had some dns trouble and couldnt log in to EU servers so I decided to create an avatar on his server Lucious.
When I did that I by mistake downloaded an old avatar i had saved from earlier but ok nvm so I went on questing until Jonathan managed to log in. Im thankful he did cos he had a bad hangover from the night before ^^
My god he had a handsome char! *_*  I tried not to stare but it was impossible :S For a mmo I must say the graphic quality is excellent. The facial details are exquisit, its only the hair I would like to improve, its a bit too shiny maybee? And the clothes are low resolution but I guess otherwise the lag would be horrible.
All in all after a while I started to feel comfy with my own “new” avatar and decided she had a perfect look for a healer. Clean face and pretty hairdo. I felt a bit tired of that pink hair >.> So when i came back to Kypriosa I changed my main and the only modification i did was to make the hair a bit lighter:
Anyho Jonathan was a perfect gentleman as usual and I did my best to lure him to Kyprosa. Invited him to my beach house….
So now he has a char on Kyprosa :D Problem is we are a bit out of sync so when he plays I sleep and so on, like in the movie Ladyhawke <3 Well im sure with a little good will we can manage to meet on either server somehow. Looking forward to our next adventure!

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2 Responses to The American Friend

  1. SunnyBunny says:

    Online friends are great. I made a friend in ESO even if he is off on the other side of the world right now. Good that you found someone.

    • Xannziee says:

      yes im so happy to have Jonathan! He has always been my support and mentor <3
      “always” as in as long iv played these games that is :):)

      Happy for u too!

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