For Better or Worse

Sometimes your best friends can end up your worst enemy ^^ But I love them anyho, especially Aphex <3 He just need to understand how strong he is so he doesn´t kill me by mistake again and again :S
Some friends are in guilds that are a bit “unfriendly” to other guilds but they are still my friends and I love them regardless. I try to raid with them now and then tho… Like Dnl, I miss you so much :´(
And Remenei who always helps me out when im in trouble or when I need to run a dungeon with my alt <3 Today he saved me and 2 new guildies (Carlhunter and Grunditz) when I “helped” them get to Freedish to finish a quest and they got ganked by Reborn and some reds. Some minutes after we left Freedish i messed up again when I ran into a pirate island without noticing it until too late (well I have a flu atm so im not 100% fit >.> ) and got the three of us, and my clipper, blown up by canonfire :S
But my guildies is the cream of the cake and thanks to them I have loads of fun daily and we boost each other to better armor and gear. I was extremely lucky the other day when I managed to get the “Monstrous Desire” scepter in GHA. That one will help me manage my mana when im healing along with the almost full set of cloth I have gathered the last week. Im thankful u put up with me even tho Im a fail most of the time <3


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