Gearing Up

1Gearing Up
At the moment the guild is focusing on gearing up old and new members, like Xelec our new tank (pic).  Next level cap is in front of us and we need to be able to manage all new dungeons and raids like Serpentis and Drowned Love. So we do as many GHA runs as we possibly can manage and also run groups in Hasla when people have a need for it. Does it sound boring? It´s definitely not! Never with this guild :D:D
0Gearing uP_ScreenShot0038
Its impossible to even try to describe how much fun we are having. Each run is different and especially fridays tends to be a bit more casual and ppl are a bit more sloshed than usual and that adds to the fun ^^ Good training for me as a healer when ppl are so eager they pull all mobs at the same time D:
I dont think I have laughed as much in a long time as i did this friday >.>
We even got so big headed we tried out Serpentis 10 man raid this friday :S We did some progression but couldnt finish it this time as it was a bit too late. But we will be on it again soon enuff :):)
The problem with the Drowned Love 5 man dungeon is that the drop is not in comparison to how difficult it is. We need to have at least Hasla T3 gear and Heroic armor to have a chance at it. And potions…. so the cost is too high compared to the drops. No good Trion!

We also focus on boosting newbies in the SM and BC dungeons and when it comes to questing and crafting. All in all there is a lot of action going on in the guild atm and the future looks bright <3


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