My Mentor

So a few weeks ago, beginning of december, I decided to level as a healer and support. I felt a need for it as we didnt have enough healers in the first place and I was tired of seeing dead ppl all around:):) (Aphex in pic above). But not only that. I have discovered things about myself in ArcheAge I wasnt aware of. When i played Rift I only did warfronts and had no problem killing ppl and it was fun. But in ArcheAge things felt different. AA is an open world pvp sandbox and that means you can kill anyone in a pvp area. You can kill lowbies and healers and the lot. You get honor points in war for that and u get points for “hostile kills”. Problem is I cant kill ppl that are farming, afk, lowbies or whatever. I am a true carebear! D: I dont see anything wrong in doing it tho, i mean its a game after all. So I dont say its wrong, I just say I cant do it and i feel stupid admitting it :O) But its the truth. So thats why i feel very comfy as a healer. And I have the best mentor you can have, Spybreak (from my guild Friskyttarna). And if he gets tired of me asking 1K q everyday he doesnt admit it.
Everyone in my guild and some more im sure knows how outstanding he is as a healer. I will never, ever, reach even close to his level but I will at least try to come as close as possible. So today I reached one of my goals, I got the Tier 3 Healing club in Hasla! But I was out of labor so I couldnt craft it >.<
When Spy heard of it he treated me with a labour potion so I could start crafting it.
It felt like christmas  <3  :`)
But I didnt only got the club even if it was the most important thing in the world atm, I also got the T1 lute today! How cool they look, I feel totally awesomesauze right now :D
I will miss Hasla so much. Iv spent so much time in that place and actually also have had a lot of fun so the happiness is mixed with melancholy. I know it sounds strange but its true. But maybee I can level some other of my weapons too? Like my T2 bow… :}
It has taken me a while to decide what to play in this game but Im on the right track now. I have 4 different roles I will change between, Soothsayer (healer), Primeval (archer), Exorcist(bard) and Eidolon (support/cc). But mainly healer. Some of my friends are starting to feel a bit bored now and looking at other games. Just when I eventually found my role and my playstyle! ack! And I have so much more I want to achieve here in ArcheAge. Instances, next patch with lvl 55, craft my own Magnificent or even Epherium armor (soon lvl 40 in leather crafting) and all that fun fun pvp! So please stay, im not finished yet! :`)
We´v only played this game for about 4 months (ok more if u are alpha) so why the hurry? We just started! Sorry, I know im slow :S


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2 Responses to My Mentor

  1. SunnyBunny says:

    I know what you mean – I’ve been slowly going through ElderScrolls Online – not rushing or anything like that. I’ve been playing for a while now and have 3 characters Templer Healer Lvl 21, RedGuard Knight Blade Lvl 17 and Woodelf Sorceror Lvl 8.
    I’ve only just started doing PvP stuff and Group Dungeons – but there are guild mates who are Over Lvl 50 vet tier whatever. Our styles are different, but Im having a great time.
    Have fun – don’t stress easier said then done I kNOW.

    • Xannziee says:

      ah ok! u have created several chars. I only use my one and only but she switches roles But I guess ESO is quite different. I only played that game up to lvl 8. I believe its a good thing not to rush it. I had a wood elf in ESO and liked the playstyle and stuff but not the rest.. :)

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