Sweetness Overload vs Death

Thats what i get from my guildies – Sweetness overload <3 When i got my “New Year depression” they fuzzed around me. Zagrim sent med a care bear elk to cuddle <3
And when I came back from some hours of AFK the other day, Spy had moved me to the open fire and lit it <3
And when I looked out the door Sagisawa was there too, with a bucket on her head <3 She had planted roses around my house and Spy had put snowmen around it <3
Its hard to be moody when people do stuff like this <3
Sagisawa launched fireworks, lit a campfire and played wonderful music for a while
But then her true nature couldnt resist show itself. She started with killing her poor alt D:
Then… Spartawarsaw dropped by and maybee she wanted to impress him so she ran over all the chickens with her new car :S
What can I say? It was nice to see another side to this pvp game for once and I enjoyed it while it lasted <3 Now all is back to normal again >.>

Mega huggs to my friends and guildies <3<3<3 Hope I can give something back one day.


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