Happy New Year?

I often get a bit melancholic at New Years eves. Especially as my 2 last years has been filled with disasters. My BF who I loved very much since 2 years died in summer 2013. His heart just stopped beating. No one saw that coming so we were frozen by the shock for months after. I cant say im over it yet. Part of the reason why I spend a lot of time in game is because I dont want to “move on”. Im fully aware of that… (well its because its so much fun too of course). This is my escape from a reality I dont approve of atm. I still gets depressed now and then but I can handle it, I think.

This year my mothers sister died and we were very close, tho she was old… And later this year one of my closest work mates died too, in a horrible way I dont want to talk about here. All in all, I dont expect much of the coming year as you may understand. I just want it to be peaceful and if possible without losing any of my close ones.

I do appreciate all my “virtual” friends very very much. You are very real to me and you make me happy every day. I wish you all a Happy New Year and that the coming year will prosper for you <3


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