Seduced by a Car

I was out questing with my alt and Spybreaks alt the other day and all was fine and peachy as usual. But guess what, of course Sagisawa dropped by with her new CAR! D: U know how guys are around toys like that? I was toast the minute Spy got his eyes on the car. We got a ride in it and its awesumsauze and really fast. But 800 gildas…. that would take me a year to earn… >.<
When it was my turn to test it Spy was an attention whore so we had to get him in it too. The car is build for 2 ppl and 2 packs but he seemed able to squeeze himself in tighly behind Sagi >.>
I sort of got to tag a along as some kind of stiff looking chaperone :S But after we got out of the car I forgot my important task and went after a mob intead. Only 1 minute and then i found them in one of the houses, all red, so I obviously failed in my task -_-

Right now she is out having fun with BOTH Zad and Spy in that CAR while im doing a boring low level dungeon! Ack!

Well Sagi last time when I was invited to dance with Zagrim u wanted to duel me to get the dance and as Im a coward I failed and got no dance of course. Now u got this car! Whats next? I cant keep up :S

Race Cars in ArcheAge


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One Response to Seduced by a Car

  1. j3w3l says:

    god damn those racing cars always looked so sweeeeeeeeet.. totally jealous as the only ride I had was on mirage island

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