The Christmas Lottery

As a lot of ppl are away over christmas the guild arranged an holiday event that didnt require ppl to participate live so to speak. The Christmas Lottery! First prize was 230 GOLD! The gold was funded by selling lots but a large sum came from a member – Zwizzie – thank you! And Santa Clause of course <3 Sagi arranged the event.
The lucky winner of the Large Sum of Gold was – tadam! – Pooh! :D:D Congratulations! But there were other lucky winners too, here is the result:

230 gold
 – Pooh
Expansion Scroll – Spybreak
Crest T-shirt (white) – Khadoas
Crest T-shirt (black) – Zagrim
Worker’s Compensation – Cowgirlen
Glider Customizasion: Silver Shadow – Pooh

omg Pooh had a great day :S (im not bitter, not at all…. >.> ) Zagrim, our guild leader, won one of the guild logo T-shirts and looked this handsome in it:
Cute with the gingerbread shield:):)

Thanks a lot to all officers, Sagisawa and the guild for this awesome event! <3


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