Merry Christmas <3

I wish you all a Merry Christmas <3 I plan to celebrate irl with my friends and family (always friends too as one of my best friends celebrates her birthday 24 dec which is the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden :)
But I hope I will meet some of my friends in ArcheAge during the holiday, even if a lot of us are less online. Friends are friends regardless they are virtual or not.
Me and some of my friends who left the guild Friskyttarna are back now and will celebrate with Friskyttarna <3 We decided we love each other too much to be separated.
Although some people love each other a little bit too much maybee (Aphex and dragons in the picture above) ^^
I recently changed my role to healer and are trying to practise on my friends. My aim is mainly to heal in pvp but they lures me in to dungeons now and then. The new Drowned Love dungeon was a nightmare >.<
But Dragons was cute in his bunneh outfit at least (maybee our tank Aphex lost his concentration due to this?).
Even if not enough ppl are online now and then for pvp its quite possible to form raids with other guild. As in the pic above where we together with 50 ppl formed a raid to disturb Vengeance traidrun to Freedish. There was even a queue to join the raid! We were a bit too late for total success but im sure there will be more opportunities >:)

Vengeance has very few friends left on the server as they gank greens constantly, even in war. The other day we were in Hasla for PVP as it was war. When we were fighting the reds we got shot in the back by a group of Vengeance. They bloodlusted on us so we couldnt continue the fight….We know u dont want your own faction to feel safe Vengeance, but your guild members need to be aware of that they wont be safe either, anywhere on this server from now.
Last but not least Ralf sold his house in Sanddeep to me (price was too low ofc…) <3 So now I have a home where most of my guildies are located. So all pieces are falling into their places now and that more or less sums it up for the weekends. Surrounded by friends and exciting adventures to look forward to, cant ask for more, can I? <3


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