Friends and Communities

I read a blog ( Bio Break ) the other day where the question was, why do we play mmo:s and what does friends ingame mean. And I agree, I would prolly not play mmo:s if i didnt have my friends around. The social aspect makes the difference for me. I love to play together with people, grouping and having fun. See the group evolve. But there is a downside. People quit games and guilds split D:
Not long ago me and 5 of my friends who wanted to focus more on pvp ingame in ArcheAge, decided to change guild. So I went with my little group but I also left friends behind. Since this happened I havent enjoyed playing as much as before. I started to play with both my old friends/guild Friskyttarna and my new guild The Mad Ronins. And of course i got wonderful friends in this guild too..
I felt more and more unsettled and knew I had to choose some day. I felt i did wrong to both guilds and sort of felt insufficient regarding my friends. They knew I had this issue and tried to comfort me, while I continued to fail in deciding what to do <3 Problem is, you cant choose between friends. But in this case I had to choose between 2 guilds so its more or less the same – why cant I belong to 2 guilds at the same time??? >:(
I tried to help all my friends and guilds and was torn between them. Yes my own fault but I wanted to play with them all :`( We had loads of fun in the mean time in both guilds. Like when reds tried to burn Spybreaks hauler (above) Maybee that wasnt fun for Spybreak? :):) But in the back of my head I knew all the time this couldnt continue.
And my friends in both guilds helped me all the time. For example when the preteen guild The Jolly Rogers blocked the bridge to Dewstone the other day, both Friskyttarnas guild leader Zagrim and Khadoas (above) helped me cross it safely <3
We went to christmas events togheter (Spybreak above, me and some other Friskyttar waiting to enter the new dungeon), trade runs and dungeons. And all along I felt bad and tried to postpone the day I had to choose…
But eventually, yesterday I did and I dont feel happy or relieved about it. I still dont know if this is the right choice but its a choice anyoho. In the end I felt that the community of Friskyttarna was a community I wanted to stay in for a long time. Now and in future games, and that was what it boiled down to in the end.

There is no “right” solution to a problem like this. We just have to cope. I love both my guilds and all friends in both guilds. I actually dont know how to survive ingame without the friends i left in The Mad Ronins. Especially my closest friends, Ralf, Aphex, Dnl, Kingogrish and Chaplin :`( But also some of the new ones like Remenei and Vortrix <3

U know u only have to whistle and Ill be there if u need me, anyday <3

Sorry for the drama posting but I couldnt do it any other way.


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3 Responses to Friends and Communities

  1. j3w3l says:

    It’s such a hard thing to do, leaving friends behind for mostly selfish aims. You want to play games the way that interests you and sometimes it is the right decision but it never makes it any easier. One of the first guilds I was in was like that and I really missed playing with some of the people I’d formed a friendship with

  2. RiotheChicken says:

    Hi Xan…I’m not from AA I know; I don’t play any more tbh after trying it initially, then all the bots/hacks/exploits etc I didn’t have the time/motivation…but come visit us in Rift again one day :) Have a good Christmas whatever happens.

    • Xannziee says:

      Happy Xmas Rio! I wanted to show u my chickens! Sniff. Bots and exploits in all games, even WOW has dem… but I have so much fun in ArcheAge, cant compare with Rift. I dont even have Rift installed anymore but I often think of my old Rift guildies. Keep in touch <3

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