The Blessed Weapon Crafter

I needed to upgrade my 1 handed healing club to Illustrious so I turned to the guild leader of Friskyttarna, Zagrim. Because he is such a nice guy he agreed to help me <3 He didnt have to as I changed guild a couple of weeks ago, but he did <3 Tho I will always belong to Friskyttarna gaming community, wont leave that. And we will see about the guild too, stuff happens….

Zagrim is a skilled crafter and amazing in the Arena. I just have to get him out more often in open world pvp, I do want him in my group. I promise TONS of healing if u join me Zag :):)
0illustrious club
He´s also loved by the RNG gods in ArcheAge, even if he too has had to spend thousands of gold on upgrades… Tho RNG is RNG so I didnt expect anyting when i gave him my mats. He started to work immediately. I had 25% chance of getting an upgradable healing club.
So what did he give me?
Magnificent next? <3


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