The Leader

He is no official leader or has been in our guild. Not the present nor the guild we came from. But he is a natural born leader, and a person I have confidence in so I always follow him and pay attention to his commands. He holds a low profile and never makes any fuzz of himself so u may not notice him at first. When ppl are screaming in TS or mumble he never raises his voice, but I can still hear him clearly through all the turmoil and I know if i do as he says Ill be ok, or at least the odds for survival are higher:):)
If we are out on at sea or on a random pvp hunt and he tells me to back off, I immediately interrupt what im doing. If not, im dead:)
He is a person who knows his ways around the game when it comes to housing and crafting too. How to survive and thrive in ArcheAge. Im thankful for having you around Ralf.


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