Hard work to be a Hero

I came home late yesterday after an evening out with the girls and was only going to tend to my farm in Cinderstone i thought. I changed to my low level skillsets to level them and started farming. Then a green from Reaper dropped by and bloodlusted on me :S I sobbed in TS and Aphex came by and killed him <3

So i woke up by the angel and next to me was this ganker. I told him he was a bit of a coward killing a healer. but he said he would kill me again as soon as i stepped out from the angels range. -And dont go cry to your boyfriends again! He said. But of course i did and Aphex dropped by and killed him again :`)

Aphex was also going to bed and wanted to fix his farm first so he got back to it again. But when I was on my way home a man from Jolly Rogers teamed up with the Reaper guy and killed me again :S

SO Aphex came by and killed one of them but got into problems killing the other so we both died :`(

They started to rage talk at the angel and Aphex challenged them to a duel 1v1. First the Reaper guy refused but after a while agreed. So Aphex killed him again. Then the Reaper claimed “he wasnt ready” so he got another chance and got killed again… :):) Aphex who is very patient was a bit bored at this point and wanted to fix his farm and go to sleep but the guy was persistent. He had an idea if he bought a shield he would be able to win. The Jolly Rogers guy told to him “no chance, even if u get the best shield ever u r gonna lose against this guy”. But Mr Reaper guy didnt wanna give up so Aphex had to help him find a shield in the AH. It took a long while and I dont remember if they eventually gave up or the poor reaper was killed again (we parted almost as friends anyho :):) so Aphex got back to his farm anyho safe and sound.
But not me. While i did the last stuff on my farm some reds dropped by and ganked the hell out of me :( Crying to Aphex again but now more ppl from the guild helped out as they were 6 (we were not as many). After fighting them and dying 3-4 times eventually we cleaned the area and got rid of them (I was healing but still in a less good spec). Time was now 3 am and poor Aphex hadnt had time to fix his farm yet! Tho at last he did manage to do it and logged out fast, before anyone else would find me and gank me:):) I did too of course D:

I will never move as long as I have a neighbour like this, I feel so safe and pampered. But im afraid Aphex is bidding on a farm far away from Cinderstone by now, tired of rescuing me 24/7. Its like a full time work.. :S

And btw, Aphex, I got ganked this morning too by the same reds, when I was afk getting coffee this time. When I came back I saw them ran away and got this pic above. Im sure they were a bit shaky u would be awake too as they ran away real fast:):)  But u were asleep :`(


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