The Ronin who was Mad at Us



Today I will tell you a fairytale. But will the end be happy? The story begins last week when a man murdered one of my friends, Aphex, and of course I was upset about that. The next day I got court duty and guess who was accused if not mr Gank himself :):) I voted for maximum punishment but he charmed the rest of the jury so he got away with it ofc >:(

Two minutes after court I was standing in Cinderstone again where I the other day got a 16×16 farm from a guildie (Kingogrish <3 ) and guess who was standing in front of me but mr Ganker, aka Remenei from The Mad Ronins, himself. It sure is a small world :D:D He said Booooh and scared the living daylight out of me but I just giggled at him :):) He told me 9 of my guildies had ganked him in Hasla, some weeks ago, so he held a grudge against my (now former) guild. So he made a promise to kill each and everyone in Friskyttarna to get even.

I told him that his killer hadnt logged in for 15 days now and prolly quit anyho. That made him quite depressed. I wanted to comfort him so I suggested he kill me over and over until he felt better. But he didnt seem tempted by that ^^

Then I bashed him some more and went back to my farm. So did he and u cant believe it but his farms are lined up next to my farm D: ! This was a bit too muchly. I almost felt I had a “out of body experience” but obviously it was pure coincidence.

So i continued bitching as Iv found blood from yet another victim next to our warehouse but he told me they were in war. I hadnt report it anyho as Remenei sort of had charmed me too which made me quite irritated. So I accepted that explanation as the victims guildies are known troublemakers.

So I called for Aphex, who had been ganked the other day, to come and meet my new neighbour. He came over, they had a chat and then Aphex got purple and killed him D: Ok I was cheating and healed him a little but then I healed Remenei too and revived him <3

After that we chatted a bit more, danced a little and became BFF <3

Happy end! :D

Ds- ack ya tis ofc Remenei on the picture above, behaving bad as usual in Marianople, getting chicks to dress off in public :S


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